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​​​​Bodywork & Massage

Expressive Art for Self Discovery is a new and unique approach to dealing with life's challenges. A combination of massage, expressive art, and movement therapies with mandala making to provide a truly holistic approach to healing. More information can be found here.

Mind & Body Holistic Spa is located in the heart of Old Cloverdale  at 1035 Woodley Road in Montgomery, Alabama and is home to a variety of therapeutic treatment programs including massage, movement, and expressive art therapies. Mind & Body also offers counseling, chair yoga, and Art by Appointment.

8AM - 7PM M-F, 10AM - 3PM Sat   334.269.4567

Movement Therapy

From Deep Tissue Massage to Traditional Chinese Medicine, our licensed massage therapists hold a variety of bodywork certifications. With more than 20 years of combined experience our therapists design custom treatment programs for all clients.

Please see our Services Page for a full description of our massages and bodywork.

COMING SOON:  Movement Therapy is a combination of dance and yoga.   Dance is one of the oldest forms of self expression and communication.  For thousands of years we have danced for joy, to communicate feelings and to bring peace.  Historically, dancing is a communal experience allowing us to connect with each other and even to connect with the divine.  In the past 200 years, dancing in the west became highly choreographed, leaving little room for free expression.   Modern Dance sought to fix this problem by re-integrating the communal and expressive forms of dance through free flowing movements.  It is this  idea that forms the basis of Dance Movement Therapy.

Expressive Art for

Self Discovery