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Movement & Dance

Instead of words or sounds, Movement Therapy focuses on using movement and dance to express emotions. Dance is actually one of the oldest and most prevalent forms of communication in the world. Even today, dances mean certain things. In addition to communication, dance and movement are excellent forms of exercise, which relieves stress, increases circulation, and overall health. 

Group and Individual sessions are available. 

For more information, contact Sarah Bush at mwadancing@gmail.com or (334) 777-9167​​​

Sarah Bush

Sarah Bush is a Montgomery native with ten years of dance training and three years of teaching experience. Her extensive background in ballet technique, modern, contemporary, creative movement, hip hop, and jazz aid her in creating an authentic, informative dance experience for everyone. Sarah has attended several Alabama Dance Festivals, Platinum Dance Competitions, and South Eastern Regional Ballet Association (SERBA) festivals. Other certifications include a Basic 1 in Zumba, and she is currently pursuing a degree in Kinesiology. 

Dance and Movement Therapy