Organic Tea

Mind and Body now has Organic Tea!  Relax and enjoy a cup before or after a massage or take some tea home with you.

Tea is one the oldest beverages known to man. in fact, several myths in India and China describe how tea came to be- in China, many consider it a gift from the gods. Tea was discovered by the west in 1600, and soon tea fever swept the west. We have been drinking it and fighting over it ever since. Tea is remarkable- it can give us energy while soothing the body and, when mixed with herbs, can even help heal the body. So grab a cup and join us. Our unique blends of tea and herbs are great for the body and the soul.

Layla's Blend Rose and Black tea

Rose tea contains powerful antioxidants, and is high in Vitamin C. It is very helpful in alleviating muscle pain, soothing sore throats, reducing stress, and can even help you lose weight.

Rosemary Tea
Rosemary isn't just for remembrance. Rosemary tea improves circulation, reduces nausea, and promotes digestive health. Rosemary also has a stimulant effect on the brain and has been shown to improve memory,

Therapeutic Tumeric Tea
Tumeric is quite the super spice! It is a powerful antioxidant which strengthens the immune system, reduces inflammation, and is a natural analgesic or pain reliever.

Cardamom Tea
Cardamom is another super spice. It reduces nausea, supports digestive and urinary health, and clears out the sinuses. It also helps keep skin and hair healthy and looking great.

Calming Ginger Tea
Ginger improves circulation, relieves sinus pressure, reduces inflammation, and supports digestive health. Ginger is perfect for anyone who has motion sickness, mild nausea, or morning sickness.

Chinese Chrysanthemum Tea
Chrysanthemum relaxes the nerves, lowers blood pressure, reduces inflammation, prevents osteoporosis, and supports eye health. If you are feeling stressed, grab a cup and enjoy!

Spanish Saffron Tea
Saffron is a powerful anti-oxidant, a natural mood booster, reduces cramps, supports the cardiovascular system, and even helps fight cancer!


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