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Organic Tea

Mind and Body now has Organic Tea!  Relax and enjoy a cup before or after a massage or take some tea home with you.

Tea is one the oldest beverages known to man.  in fact, several myths in India and China describe how tea came to be.  Many consider it a gift from the gods.   Tea was discovered by the west in 1600, and soon tea fever swept the west.   We have been drinking it and fighting over it ever since.  Tea is remarkable:  it can give us energy while soothing the body and, when mixed with herbs, can even help heal the body.  So grab a cup and join us.  Our unique blends of tea and herbs are great for the body and the soul.

Sima Blend

Cinnamon, Cardamon, Black Tea

Caradamom, Cinnamon and Black Tea combine in this relaxing and revitalizing blend.  Cardamom is an anti-inflammatory that freshens breath and soothes digestive problems.  Cinnamon provides a boost to the immune system, reduces blood sugar and cholesterol.  

Elahe Blend

Green Tea and Ginger​

​Energizing Green Tea and Ginger combine in this soothing and energizing tea.  Ginger soothes digestive problems, reduces inflammation and increases energy.  Green tea boosts energy and helps revitalize the body.

Nadia Blend

Aromatic Jasmine, Cardamom, Black Tea

Jasmine, Black Tea and Cardamom combine into a revitalizing blend.  Cardamom reduces inflammation and pain, while freshening breath and soothing digestive problems  Jasmine boosts the immune system, protects the heart, and even helps you to lose weight.

Sohala Blend

Persian Rose, Cardamom, Black Tea

Revitalizing Rose and Cardamom combine in the rejuvenating tea.  Rose is high in vitamin C and antioxidants.  It soothes tight muscles and can help you lose eight.  While cardamom freshens breath, calms the body, and even builds up skin and nails.  

Mahnaz Blend

Tumeric, Cafdomam, Black Tea

Tumeric and Cardamom combine in this relaxing tea.  Cardamom freshens the breath and relaxes the body while Tumeric reduces inflammation and pain.  The two combine to produce a wonderfully relaxing and revitalizing


Chrysanthemum and Lemongrass

Sweet Chrysanthemum, fragrant lemongrass and Cardamom combine to form this rejuvenating tea.  Chrysanthemum relaxes the nervous system, lowers blood pressure and supports bone health.  Lemongrass helps lower cholesterol, blood sugar and reduces inflammation.