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Continuing Education

Continuing Education Credits

Reiki Levels I, II, III 

6 CEU hours for each level

Reiki Certification is am excellent addition to any healing practice. Reiki uses light touch to tap into the energy around us, focuses this energy in a positive way, and uses it to relax and heal the mind and body. By combining Reiki with Massage and Body work, you are able to get the benefits of both, which will help you and your clients.  Each Reiki level is worth 6 CEUS and has been approved by the Alabama Board of Massage Therapists. 

Benefits of Reiki:

-Reiki promotes healing

-Restores balance in the body and mind

-Focuses on treating the problem and not just the symptoms

-Boosts the immune system

-Ideal for anyone who has chronic pain, stress, or anxiety. 

Reiki Level 1

-Learn how to give self- Reiki

-Learn how to share Reiki with friends and family

-Learn how to focus and strengthen meditation with Reiki. 

Universal Art for Self-Discovery and Mandalas
12 CEU hours 

Universal Art for Self-Discovery focuses on self-exploration and healing by focusing on the mind-body connection, which will enable you to better connect with your clients. 

You may be asking how expressive art can help you and your clients. It is very easy to keep emotions or feelings bottled up inside, and these emotions can play a role in physical health. However, by strengthening the mind-body connection, and expressing feeling through art, mandala, or writing, you are able to deal with certain feelings or emotions that may be contributing to the physical problem. By incorporating these techniques into your practice, you are better able to help yourself and others. 

This unique experiential Workshop seeks to:

-Broaden professional education of the mind-body connection

-Teaches expressive art therapies that will help you improve your practice

-Identify client needs and apply enhanced techniques to facilitate the mind-body connection.

-To envision improved health using the mind-body connection. 


This unique experiential workshop was developed by visual artist and massage therapist, Foad Araiinejad and nationally recognized psychologist and expressive art therapist, Dr. Mollie Isaacson. 

This workshop is worth 12 Continuing Education Credits and is approved by the Alabama Board of Massage Therapists. 

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