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Universal Art and Abyahanga

Our unique Ayurvedic Massage and Expressive Art Sessions are designed to help strengthen and heal the mind-body connection, reduce pain, and promote healing. 

Abyhanga is the Ayurvedic healing massage. A short evaluation determines which Dosha (body type) you are. This allows the therepist to choose the right combination of essential oils to use during the massage. In addition to using specific oils, there are specific techniques for each body type. This unique massage is tailored to the individual to provide the greatest benefit. 

This is followed by a short creative session during which clients draw their bodies with and without pain, which allows them to see the positive outcomes. It also allows clients to identify specific problems and express emotions before massage. By doing so, you are able to let go of certain emotions before a relaxing and restorative massage. This is followed by the full Abyhanga massage. The combination of massage and art reduces pain, decreases anxiety, increases creativity, promotes healing, and strengthens the mind-body connection. This allows clients to see their progress, renews a positive mindset, and is totally natural and drug-free. 

In addition to our basic sessions, we also offer Continuing education credits in this subject. 


- Improves circulation

-Strengthens the Mind-body connection

-Reduces pain, stress, and anxiety

-Has been shown to aid in weight loss

-Increases creativity

-Improves skin

-Improves and promotes balance in the body

-lowers blood pressure

-All Natural 

Expressive Art and Abyhanga sessions are two hours long. Please call 334-269-4567 for availability and times. 

Our Next CE Workshop for Massage Therapists*  will be announced in January 2020. 

*approved for Alabama Board of Massage Therapy

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