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Therapy at the Club

By appointment, Foad Araiinejad provides his services at his satellite location in Wynlakes Golf and Country Club. 

Located in the fitness center, our primary target is to treat Athletes and others that engage in exercise. Our services can help heal injuries sustained such as muscle pulls, cramps, tennis and golf elbow and other injuries. 



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Wynlakes Golf and Country Club

Our Main Services: 

Orthopedic and Sports Physio-Massage

Orthopedic and Deep Tissue Physio- Massage focuses on treating specific injuries to muscles and ligaments in order to treat strained muscles and ligaments in concert with medical treatment. In addition, this technique allows you to continue participating in the sport of your choice.

Myofascial Release Therapy

This technique focuses on putting pressure on specific body points in order to relieve pain and pressure caused by tight muscles and ligaments. Our expert, Foad Araiinejad, is specially trained in this field and studied under Dr. John Barnes, father of Myofascial Release Therapy.

Myofascial Cupping

This technique combines cupping, which applies suction to specific points of the body to drain excess fluid and toxins from muscles, with myofascial release, which puts pressure on specific points in order to create a unique therapeutic experience. These techniques have been used for centuries and is favored by prominent Olympic Athletes.

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