Corporate Massage

Massage reduces stress, pain, anxiety, and actually improves focus and productivity. In fact even 15-20 minutes of massage have been shown to reduce stress and improve focus in the work place. In light of this, we are pleased to add Corporate Massage to our practice. When your staff is relaxed and calm, they are able to focus better on work, increasing productivity. Indeed, you may find that sick leave is reduced when people are not stressed. It is a great addition to any workplace.  We offer a variety of packages. Massage can be done in almost any environment. 

  • Company Paid- Company provides this for task. 

  • Dual Pay (Company and Employee split cost)- The company and employee split cost. 

  • Employee Paid- Company provides staff, but employee pays directly. All payments should be made to Mind and Body Holistic Spa


There is a two hour minimum for sessions.

$100 for first therapist.

$90 for each additional therapist.